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Release 3.2 for repedo? Enterprise and Workgroup Editions announced

VNVi have announced today, the release of repedo? Enterprise 3.2 and repedo? Workgroup 3.2. Both these product releases will start shipping from August 13, 2007.

Release 3.2 features high end document authoring functionalities within the Enterprise and Workgroup editions, which enables users to work with complex functional scenarios.

Amongst many refinements, the three new salient features within this release are:

  • Rules Management: The ability to create rules within the document provides a major benefit to users. This feature allows users to create text and paragraphs based on the values of data items from a source. For example, setting an invoice address based upon a location code. Users can define complex rules based on analytics on the data or create simple rules to convert data into meaningful text ? thereby, author powerful templates and professional documents.

  • Data Tag Formatting: User can now format the data tags embedded within the documents. This can be simple formatting of tags to highlight certain values or a complex conditional formatting to highlight text from data sources based on rules. This feature allows users to improve the look and feel of their document, and conditionally highlight important points within the documents. Additionally, the data tags for monetary figures incorporate full currency support.

  • User Defined Data Items: In the previous releases, users could work with data from data sources (databases, feeds etc). Release 3.2 provides the ability to create custom defined data items, which can used in isolation or along with data items from data sources. It allows users to quickly author adhoc documents using their own additional data set without the need for further data sources.

    Both repedo? Enterprise 3.2 and repedo? Workgroup 3.2 releases are compatible with Java 1.6 environment.

    The Document Archive Module has been enhanced, and now includes a secure view feature. This enhances the security for imported documents, and users can restrict / allow archive viewing selectively for all types of imported documents.

    Release 3.2 will be available to existing customers as part of their Support and Maintenance Agreement.

    About VNVi:

    VNVi is leading IT innovations and professional services organization with business interests across the globe. VNVi has two business units:

    Product Labs: Comprising of product R&D and Marketing practices, the VNVi Product Labs have successfully launched world leading IT products. repedo? is one such innovation from the VNVi Product Labs.

    Services Division: Comprising of Systems Integration and Professional Services practices, the Services Division provides ERP implementation, outsourced facility management and consultancy services to clients across the globe.

    For further information on repedo? or VNVi, please click here to contact our Media Relations team.

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