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Standard Features

repedo™ ONE


  • Document Composer
  • Document Management
  • Visual Data Designer
  • Incorporate data into generated Documents
  • Full Version Management
  • Language Support

Document Composer

Through the comprehensive WYSISWG editor, users create and manage all their documents. Operating similar to common office products, users quickly embrace and create professional documents almost immediately.

Comprehensive editing features such as fonts, styles, justification, variable spacing, cut, copy, paste and tables are all part of the repedo™ ONE word processing features.

repedo™ ONE comes with an English language pack as standard.

All documents are based upon definable templates, ensuring a consistent document output policy. Authorized users can easily create new or manage existing templates, quickly reacting to any new document requirements or changes. With security to enforce who can use which template, document authoring is kept completely secure.

Enforcing a document output policy requires consistency in presentation and content. The way in which a document is created, the grammar, the spelling and images all contribute to the output policy.

Ensuring the message is correct is a particular headache for many organizations where different people work on similar documents. However with Standard Paragraphs, this headache is eliminated. Through the Standard Paragraph Modeler and document templates, consistency and uniformity is brought to document creation by enforcing a user to select paragraphs from defined hierarchies.

Similar to a decision tree, a user adds paragraphs to a document in a strict order, thus ensuring that the correct message is presented.

In addition, a standard paragraph can be locked so that a user cannot accidentally change a the paragraphs content during document authoring.

Standard paragraphs also allow many similar documents to be grouped into a single paragraph structure. Gone are the days of maintaining document variations, a single standard paragraph can easily be used to represent many similar documents.

Document Management

The repedo™ individual components fully integrates with repedo™ ONE Document Management.

Each and every document created or imported from other sources is never lost or forgotten about as an original copy can always be found within the Document Management.

The feature rich document management functionality provides secure archiving, traceability, retrieval, distribution and version management etc.


Documents often require the inclusion of images, but how do you ensure the correct images are used each and every time.

With the Image Manager, images can be easily uploaded into repedo™ ONE. Through a simple image import facility, images of type GIF, JPEG, BMP and PNG can all be included within documents and standard paragraphs.

Important images such as signatures can also be easily imported and used within any document.

Live Previewer and Excluder

Seeing is believing with repedo™ ONE, and the Live Previewer provides just that. Create a document from a template, add any extra logos, include any standard paragraphs or use just as is, clicking the Live Previewer displays the document with real-time corporate information.

Uses have the ability to step through the documents that will be created, prior to final cut. With the option to exclude any that may not be required with the unique Document Excluder, a user can be assured of accurate document creation.

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