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Document Management

repedo™ Workgroup Edition


  • Comprehensive Document Management System
  • Archiving of all generated documents
  • Search and view of archived documents
  • Full meta data searching
  • Advanced searching features
  • View and redistribute archived documents
  • Import, integrate and manage external documents

Document Management System

Retain original documents with the seamlessly integrated repedo™ Workgroup Edition Document Management. With full searching, traceability and document retention policies, both repedo™ and external documents can be securely stored, located, viewed and distributed with ease.

Automatic Archiving

repedo™ Workgroup Edition ensures that documents are never lost and original copies are always available. Documents created from any repedo™ Workgroup Edition module are automatically forwarded to the Document Management component for metadata indexing and storing. A simple and intuitive search interface also makes for quick and flexible document identification for all levels of users.

The repedo™ Workgroup Edition creates a central source of all corporate documents without the requirement of large scale and expensive standalone document management systems.

PDF Document

Each document is retained in PDF format so that the original document is always available. With the included secure PDF preview facility, users are able to view and print archived documents without the requirement of having a PDF viewer installed. With all the usual PDF viewer functions of zoom in, zoom out, rotate left, rotate right and print available, document verifying and re-print is a simple step – all done with comprehensive user and object level security.

Full Searching

Finding a document is made easy with full metadata searching with optional conditional parameters. Through unique metadata mapping, users are able to search multiple metadata items with a single command, for fast and accurate identification. Using complex searching conditions with boolean expressions and the combining of multiple conditions, powerful searching facilities are on hand to find those specific documents.

Import External Documents

Additional API’s and functions are available within repedo™ to support the importing of external documents into repedo™ Document Management. A wizard guides users as they import those important external documents.

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