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Standard Paragraphs

repedo™ Workgroup Edition


  • Define standard paragraphs
  • Link standard paragraphs to document templates
  • Comprehensive multi-level paragraph structures
  • Feature rich visual paragraph designer
  • Include data items and images into paragraphs
  • Restrict paragraph usage based on user security

Using repedo™ Workgroup Edition, create flexible and enforceable standard paragraphs to meet the exacting standards, ensuring a consistent message in related documents.

Paragraph Structures

Incorporated into repedo™ Workgroup Edition is a unique and highly configurable Standard Paragraph designer. Through the designer, document authors can be forced to use pre-defined and verified paragraph content within all their documents, helping to enforce any document output policy that may be in place.

The Standard Paragraph Designer is an innovative component which incorporates a visual designer for quick and easy paragraph definition.

Through the concept of hierarchies, paragraph structures can be defined which represent the many different flows of content within a single document or across multiple documents.

Multiple paragraph structures can be combined into one paragraph design, allowing differing documents to be created easily and quickly, all from a single paragraph structure

Comprehensive Formatting

The Visual Paragraph Designer incorporates comprehensive editing features as standard. Paragraphs can include fonts, styles, justification, variable line spacing, bullet points, numbering, tables and many more.

Images and Data Items

The controlled use of signatures at any time can cause many problems. Often documents are required which include signatures but restricting the use signatures is particularly difficult.

With Visual Paragraph Designer, this is not a problem. By including signatures images into a standard paragraph, the use of that signature can be tightly controlled. In addition, only documents which are based upon the paragraph structure may only use the signature, further enforcing complete signature security.

Data items can also be included within standard paragraphs. When ever a paragraph is added to a document, the data item is also included, creating and controlling the use of information.

Paragraph Security

Security is an integral part of the Standard Paragraph Designer. Using the in-built Publishing Wizard, paragraph designs are made available to other repedo™ Workgroup Edition users based upon their assigned security rights. Through this, the control of paragraph usage in documents can be centrally managed, reducing the burden of document management.

Standard Paragraphs can also be optionally restricted against modification, ensuring that when they are used, the paragraph content cannot be changed. Additional security options also exist which can permit only authorized users to change paragraph contents, perfect for super users or one off documents.

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